Lost or Found Pets

There are a variety of resources available for locating your lost or found pet:

†Maricopa County Animal Care and Controlís (AC&C)

†Post photo flyers in the local area where the pet was lost or found. Local grocery stores, gas stations, feed stores and the post office are a good place for flyers.

†Call your neighbors/mail carrier to see if your pet has been seen.

†Call local veterinarians to see if your pet has been turned in or injured.

†Advertise in your local newspaper. Some papers will graciously offer to place a Found pet for free. Lost pets you will probably need to pay for running a ad.

†Physically check the AC&C facilities. The local sites are listed below:

West Valley Animal Care
2500 S. 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009 ( South of Durango on 27th Avenue)

East Valley Animal Care Center
2630 W. 8th Street
Mesa, AZ 85201 (8th St./101 Loop)

Missing Mutts, Cats, Etc. Hotline
(24hr hotline including Holidays) 480-898-8914
P.O. Box 2866 - Office
Mesa, AZ 85214
P.O. Box 25706 - Donations
Tempe, AZ 85285

Foothills Animal Rescue

Four Peaks Animal Rescue

Pet Harbor www.petharbor.com

Lost dogs of AZ Facebook LostDogsArizona



Most importantly, stay positive and donít give up. With diligence and good luck, your wayward friend may end up back in your loving arms.


It is your responsibility as their Guardian, to keep current, accurate ID tags on your pet(s). Clear, accurate identification is the first step to insure that if our pets become lost, they have a good chance of being returned to us. Tags should be checked periodically to see that information is not worn and difficult to read.

When we travel, our pets come with us or spend vacation with a friend or relative. It is crucial that a temporary I.D. tag be used with the contact information of the person taking care of your pet. PetSmart and Petco have a machine that allows you to make the tag immediately for $6.00.
Too much trouble?óthen simply cover the existing tag with tape and handwrite the information or use a marker and write the information on an inexpensive nylon collar.

Micro chipping is another method to track your pet should they become lost. It is affordable and a worthwhile investment to ensure peace of mind.

Current rabies licensing is the law and another means to track your pet. When contacting Animal Control and providing the license number, they can immediately provide the Guardianís name, number and address, as well as the petís name. To lose your pet can be heart wrenching and devastating. Please be responsible.†



Clear, accurate identification is the first step to insure that if our pets become lost, they have a good chance of being returned to us.

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