Volunteer Policies and Guidelines
(to be retained by volunteers for reference)

1.    Upon entering the kennels, close all kennel doors securely behind you.

2.    Check the condition of the animal and the cage.  Report any concerns you have to management.  Also please report any structural defects in kennels.

3.    Check water buckets for cleanliness.  Use detergent to clean bucket, refill with water.  During hot weather, add a splash of bleach to outside water buckets and dog pools, to prevent algae and for hygiene.

4.    Food buckets should not be clipped to fence of adjoining animal to prevent fence fighting..

5.    Wire back any loose hardware that may cause injury to animals.

6.    Pick up feces and any other debris.  Please report any unusual stools.

7.    Animals are not to be mixed unless obtaining permission from management.

8.    Please remove bark collars before placing training collars on dogs when removing them from their kennel. Remove training collars before replacing bark collars.

9.    Be sure to check that training collars are on correctly. Ask, if needed.

10.    Replace clip on kennel door when leaving.  Dogs can easily open kennels.

11.    Dogs should not to be walked or socialized together without prior permission. 

12.    Please do not put your face down by any dogs face, or kiss them.  Use caution, get to know them, let them get to know you too!!  Never back a dog in a corner to catch, pet or walk them.

13.    During hot weather months, check dogs for any fly bites or open wounds.  Apply “SWAT” on ears, if needed.

14.    No bones given to dogs with roommates (more than one dog in a run).

15.    Before leaving, make sure all water buckets are filled and all kennel gates are clipped.

16.    Check for any black widow spiders or ant nests in kennels.  They must be destroyed.

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